Dokumente für Afghanistan Anträge

Hier die Dokumente, auf die ich mich in der Schulung bezogen habe

Der PowerPoint-Vortrag:äge-AA-für-Verfolgte-in-Afghanistan.pdf

Das Formular

4 thoughts on “Dokumente für Afghanistan Anträge”

  1. We sincerely grateful that you from your initiative for the cooperation and transfer of former German colleagues from Afghanistan to Germany. Afghan allies to German govt Afghan are always thankful for humanitarian support from our friend countries.

  2. I am Fatemah Artanoos, a Shiite minority of Herat province. I am married and have a four-month-old baby. I am graduated from Arts Faculty of Herat University in 2016. I have been an active member of civil society of Herat province. Following my hard work and effective advocacies, I became the secretary of the Civil Society Organization (CSO) of Herat province. During my tenure as the secretary, I participated in several advocacy programmers for the empowerment of women in different sectors and tried to bring positive changes to the situation that the women were struggling with for many years. During the period, I could pave the way to getting job facilities for many women which could change many women’s lives in the community.

    I held many informative artic exhibitions with a circle of powerful women of Afghanistan focusing on human rights and women rights in the community to make the women aware of their rights in the society. I have participated in many collective shows that finally, I could be enrolled in the watercolor association of Afghanistan. With full consideration that I am part of Afghanistan civil society, I always tried to bold women’s works and their roles in my paintings and artworks in order to bridge women’s hopes with government’s programmers which led significant success for women in different government department’s layers.

    We, 20 girls, presented one of our projects which was meant to design the city walls with painting which can convey a modern message to the senior positioners of Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and India (part of TAPI project inauguration) and then we put our project into action. During this time, I was interviewed by hundreds of media and reporters on women’s roles, how to practice the government policies in relation with women, women’s rights in deals, and women’s role in peacebuilding that all of them were meant to pave better environment for women.

    I have also started to support the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as majority of them were vulnerable women, girls, boys, and men as an employee of Afghanistan Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (ARAA) implementing the UNHCR Protection monitoring and community-based project for IDPs and Refugee families which I could support hundreds of IDPs who were faced with lots of difficulties including protections issues (Gender-Based Violence). I have also worked for Coordination of Rehabilitation and Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA) as the UK aid partner on the bases of women and community access to justice. During the last two years, I have worked for World Vision Afghanistan (WVA) on different projects such as community development worker.

    My husband also worked with different national and international funded news agencies in Herat province including national endowment for democracy (NED).

    Many sources confirmed that the Taliban prepared a list of journalists, democratic and secularist people who were active in the former government and told “the women of this category should be remarried” it is direct harassment and also Taliban threat to shoot and kill me.

    The Taliban name list cover the women of activate in a different field (journalist, humanitarian actors, and Intellectuals) those people are atheists and should be killed, hence seriously the sources confirmed that had been saw my name on that list.

    you are aware that the Taliban do not have a justice system, they don’t have court, they are killing, so in a day they were attack my home and searching about me, fortunately, I was able to escape by my neighboring house wall, but they destroyed my house and shooting in windows, doors, walls. Every day with my spouse and newborn kid go from village to village or city to city to change my address, I have no money to cross the border or pay my costs.

  3. I am also a journalist alongside being a woman, and with the coming of the Taliban, both my life and my duty were put at risk.
    I worked in the media, which was from Hula Shi’a, and the Taliban have shown in the past few years that they have problems with Shia people.
    Now I ran away in a neighboring country to save my life.
    An emergency help for evacuation

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